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Services Offered

These services are offered in the Marietta, GA office location. We also offer nutritional services across the country. Click here if you are not local to the Atlanta area and are interested in virtual nutrition support.

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Chiropractic Manipulation

The most significant aspect of any chiropractic treatment is chiropractic manipulation of the spine or joints of the extremities. Commonly referred to as an "adjustment", chiropractic manipulation is performed to improve lost range of motion, increase segmental joint mobility, stimulate joint position sensors and promote normal function of the central nervous system. The adjustment is vital in restoring normal joint function and range of motion and improving overall joint health. Chiropractic manipulation is a safe, gentle and effective method for treating neck, mid back and lower back pain in addition to disorders of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee and ankle. By restoring normal function to the musculoskeletal system, especially the joints of the spine, manipulation allows the nervous system to operate without interference and regulate the various systems of the body and promote optimal health.

Dr. Bacon and Dr. Wilkie use a unique global functional assessment along with uses a wide variety of chiropractic techniques when adjusting their patients allowing them to tailor treatments to the specific needs and tolerances of each individual patient.

Nutritional Assessments

We offer a new level of nutritional evaluation and corrective recommendations, including supplements and gradual diet modification to improve systematic function. We find immediate increase in vitality and joy as the primary motive for undertaking this therapy. It should also be noted that almost all physical conditions respond and may even resolve with specific nutritional support. We encourage people to include a nutritional evaluation as part of their care.

Muscle Testing

The muscle testing exam performed in this office is based on techniques developed by Dr. Richard Versendaal over fifty years ago and refined by Dr. Stuart White, called Systems Strength Analysis (SSA). This type of testing provides a great deal of information about the energized status of the body and its various organs, glands and systems without needing invasive or expensive techniques. The degree of accuracy is remarkable and best seen in the results achieved, and the speed of that achievement, by experienced practitioners skilled in this approach

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