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Services Offered

We are pleased to provide our services at our Marietta, GA office location. Additionally, for those who are not local to the Atlanta area but still wish to benefit from our nutritional expertise, we offer virtual nutrition support nationwide. If you are interested in accessing our virtual nutritional services, please click here to learn more. We look forward to assisting you, regardless of your location, on your journey to better health and wellness.


Chiropractic Manipulation

The cornerstone of chiropractic treatment lies in chiropractic manipulation, often known as an "adjustment," which targets the spine and extremity joints. This crucial procedure serves multiple purposes: it aims to restore lost range of motion, enhance joint mobility, stimulate joint position sensors, and facilitate normal functioning of the central nervous system. By performing adjustments, we strive to bring back optimal joint health, promoting overall well-being.

Chiropractic manipulation is a safe, gentle, and highly effective method for addressing various conditions, including neck, mid-back, and lower back pain, as well as issues with the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle. Through restoring proper musculoskeletal function, particularly in the spine's joints, chiropractic manipulation enables the nervous system to operate without interference, effectively regulating the body's various systems and supporting optimal health.

Drs. Bacon and Wilkie employ a unique and comprehensive global functional assessment, combined with a wide range of chiropractic techniques, when adjusting their patients. This approach allows them to customize treatments to meet the specific needs and tolerances of each individual, ensuring the most personalized and effective care possible. Our goal is to empower our patients to experience enhanced well-being and improved quality of life through chiropractic manipulation and individualized treatment plans.

Nutritional Assessments

At our practice, we take pride in providing an advanced level of nutritional evaluation and corrective recommendations. Through personalized assessments, we offer tailored solutions, incorporating supplements and gradual diet modifications to enhance overall systemic function. Our primary goal is to bring about an immediate increase in vitality and a sense of joy, making improved well-being the driving force behind this therapy.

It is worth noting that nearly all physical conditions respond positively to specific nutritional support, and in some cases, even resolve completely. We strongly encourage individuals to consider including a comprehensive nutritional evaluation as a fundamental aspect of their overall care plan. By addressing the body's unique nutritional needs, we aim to empower our patients to experience profound improvements in their health and quality of life.

Muscle Testing

At our office, we utilize a highly effective muscle testing exam known as Systems Strength Analysis (SSA). Originally developed by Dr. Richard Versendaal over fifty years ago and further refined by Dr. Stuart White, this technique offers valuable insights into the body's energetic status, encompassing its organs, glands, and systems. The remarkable aspect of SSA lies in its ability to provide comprehensive information without the need for invasive or expensive procedures.

The degree of accuracy achieved through SSA is truly exceptional and becomes evident in the outstanding results obtained, particularly when administered by experienced practitioners skilled in this approach. Clients benefit from a swift and efficient assessment, enabling us to tailor precise treatment plans and achieve prompt progress towards optimal health. With SSA, we harness the body's innate intelligence to gain essential knowledge about its well-being and ensure a holistic and effective approach to healing.

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