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Claire N. Bacon, ACN, CNC


To empower my community with knowledge to lead a healthy lifestyle, using natural solutions that promote longevity and vitality, while avoiding deficiency and toxicity in our daily lives.


Over the past 10 years, I have found a passion and second career in the field of nutritional consulting.  As a health-conscious individual and triathlete, I have always paid attention to a healthy diet and regular exercise, but it wasn’t until my total immersion in the chiropractic lifestyle that I learned of the false marketing claims and downright lies perpetuated by the food industry. I learned that the mainstream information I had followed in earnest trying to be healthy was all wrong.  Further, by attending many chiropractic seminars alongside my husband, I learned that many of the common, chronic diseases plaguing Americans can be overcome through the use of concentrated nutritional supplements.  Personally, I have experienced profound changes in my own adrenal fatigue, hypoglycemia, acne, leaky gut syndrome, and dysmenorrhea, by supplementing with the foods, herbs and glandular nutrients that have never (or not consistently) been on my plate.


In the role of Patient Educator, I provide support services in our chiropractic and nutritional practice.  I feel so fortunate to have seen and personally helped many patients find the answers they have been looking for their whole lives.  Whether it be chronic hormonal dysfunction, weak digestion and liver function, or yeast and fungal overgrowth, there are a multitude of options available from the holistic community that unfortunately are not well known, but nonetheless, are amazingly effective in resolving these conditions. For the last five years, it has been my great pleasure to lead our practice in group 21-Day Purification Cleanses, as well as 10-Day Blood Sugar Cleanses.  I love my role in getting supplement information and deeper understanding into our clients' hands.  Through our personalized nutrition assessments and with our small group workshops, I seek to inspire our clients in ways to make healthier choices through reading ingredient labels, choosing or making non-toxic personal care products, and cooking nourishing meals at home.


  • Completed over 100 Hours of Seminar Training, Standard Process, Inc.
  • AANC Certified Nutritional Consultant
  • Chiropractic Assistant


Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina, B.S., Civil Engineering, 1995
Registered Professional Engineer

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Jessica Tate, CNC

Jessica is a Nutritional Expert and Certified Nutrition Consultant at East Cobb Spine and Sport Chiropractic. She wholeheartedly believes in the body’s ability to heal from the inside out, especially after her own experience using nutrition and whole food-based supplements to bring her body back to health from digestive dysfunction and hormone imbalance. Seeing such a strong personal success with these techniques, she has a desire to use the power of food and herbs to help people experience their highest state of wellness.

She works one-on-one with clients to understand and support her or his nutritional needs, so each person can function at an optimal level. Various alternative and holistic methods are used to support the body’s natural function, such as System Strength Analysis (muscle testing), blood work, and saliva testing.

Jessica specializes in prenatal and postnatal nutritional support for mom and baby. Giving the body proper nutrition prior to conceiving and while carrying a child is so important, so Jessica will work with women to give them (and their babies) the best support possible before, during, and after pregnancy. She will walk alongside you as you feed your newborn (through breastfeeding, formula, and/or solid food introduction) toddler, and adolescent. Babies and kids undoubtedly need targeted nutrition, especially in today’s society of processed food, concentration issues, and childhood disease epidemics. The brilliant thing about food support is that it can positively affect people of all ages.

You can follow her healthy recipes and inspiration @morethanfoodnutrition on Instagram and Facebook- a resource she created to give you nutritious eats, tips, and encouragement!

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Traci Fricano

Traci is the office manager and behind-the-scenes extraordinaire in this practice. She is a highly-motivated individual with a personal love for health and fitness and a well-balanced lifestyle. Traci heartily believes in the power of chiropractic care and based on her family's personal experiences, knows that chiropractic, massage, and nutritional therapy can help anyone at any age. She holds a degree in Exercise Science from West Virginia University. In her spare time, she enjoys running, working out, and spending time with her three girls and husband.

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Greg Paine, LMT and Certified Reflexologist

Greg’s path into the wellness community has been a journey spanning many years as an Artist, Professional Chef and Competitive Cyclist. His interest in the intricacies and the power of the mind-body-spirit connection has opened the door to his career in massage therapy and reflexology. The success of his wife, Genell’s, practice inspired his true passion for the healing arts, and they partner together to expand their services through their business Out of the Grey Wellness. Greg is certified in Feet, Hands, Ears and Face Reflexology, and he serves as Vice President of the Georgia Reflexology Organization.

See their website for contact and scheduling information:

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Genell Paine, LMT and Holistic Health Practitioner

For nearly 20 years, Genell has been working in the wellness industry as a licensed Massage Therapist and certified Reiki Master. She has worked alongside health professionals and in spa environments. Over time, she also began to understand the importance of colon health and studied to become a Certified Hydro-Colon Therapist. Eventually, Genell added other therapies to her practice, including Cupping, Bamboo Massage, Hypnotherapy, Himalayan Salt Stone Massage and Lymphatic Drainage, as well as receiving certifications in Myopractic Massage and NMT Massage.

Genell provides exceptional care and service through hands-on energetic techniques, accompanied by nutritional and naturopathic knowledge for better whole body well-being. She and her husband, Greg, practice together through their business Out of the Grey Wellness.

See her website for contact and scheduling information:

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