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Spinal Decompression

Cervical Decompression Setup
Cervical Decompression Setup

East Cobb Spine and Sport is proud to offer our clients the benefits of Spinal Decompression!  The DRX-9000 is truly the Cadillac of spinal decompression machines.  Our staff and clients alike report back with unending praise for the relief this state-of-the-art decompression machine can give.

The DRX9000® has been cleared by the FDA to treat patients suffering with incapacitating lower back pain and sciatica caused by herniated discs, degenerative discs, and posterior facet syndrome.

In our office, we offer both cervical and lumbar decompression to our clients. With two machines, this facilitates ease of scheduling and maximizes our ability to serve clients immediately following their Chiropractic adjustment, and without having to wait.

This effective technique is recommended for people with bulging discs, herniated discs, or minor dehydration of the disc.  We start slowly with a gentle pull, and gradually increase the load as you progress.

Lumbar Decompression Setup
Lumbar Decompression Setup

The DRX9000® is found in over 1,000 hospitals, clinics, and private health centers located in over 45 countries.  This is a testament to the success of the technology bringing widespread pain relief to patients all across the globe.

Take a minute to watch the video below, and you'll get a real-time understanding of how the DRX-9000 can help relieve your pain.

Scheduling Your Visit

Your decompression session can likely be scheduled right after your adjustment.  Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing as you normally would.  Plan for your session to take approximately 30 minutes, including explanations and setup.

Most people feel like they begin making progress immediately. As we increase your traction load, additional benefits should become more apparent.

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