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I tore my meniscus and my knee was locked out causing tremendous pain. Dr. Bacon made the time to see me after hours and squeeze me into his busy schedule. He was able to unlock the knee after two visits and I am walking again! I cant thank him enough.

Jennifer B.

Went in today with a slew of problems. Dr Bacon and staff are welcoming and caring. Didn’t feel like a number when I was there. Dr Bacon was very knowledgeable and explained everything to me as we went. I’m usually very nervous about being adjusted but today was different for me. He helped me tremendously on my first visit and I look forward to learning more and getting better.

Scot B.

Love East Cobb Spine and Sport! We see Dr. Wilke for chiropractic, Dr. Bacon for muscle testing and Claire for nutrition and they are all FANTASTIC! They have all helped me so much and I’m so grateful for the results! Everyone there is so nice and kind and Tracy at the front desk is always so friendly - such a positive person always smiling 🙂

Carmie L.

Went to Dr. Bob Bacon for my first ever chiropractic appointment and walked away very satisfied. Besides having an awesome last name, Dr. Bacon is very charismatic and a wizard in his craft. My realignment (first ever) was handled in a matter of minutes and immediately I felt relief and greater mobility / flexibility in all my joints. To be clear, I did not have any existing aches or pains that necessitated a visit to the chiropractor. Rather, I booked the appointment on the advice of friends that also go to Dr. Bacon in an effort to be proactive about the health and longevity of my joints. Dr. Bacon does a great job of explaining exactly what his goals are for the patient. I plan on going back every couple of weeks as part of the recommended regular maintenance treatment. I recommend you pay him a visit too!

Taylor C.

Receiving chiropractic and holistic care at East Cobb sport and spine has been a life changing experience. From the very beginning the entire team was welcoming, knowledgeable, and charismatic about their services. Doctors Bob and Claire have exceeded my expectations since beginning my journey with them. If you’re interested in taking better care of your body, this is the place you need to go to. I can’t say enough great things about them! Go find out for yourself, you won’t regret it!

Will E.

I absolutely love the staff and help I get for my health at East Cobb Spine and Sport Chiropractic. They are kind, genuinely caring and concerned for my and everyone’s health and well-being and also extremely knowledgeable and good at what they do. The chiropractic adjustments that I get on my back make me move easier and better all around, reduce my back pain drastically, make me feel lighter and lessen my body’s stress response. I also have gotten nutrition consultations, muscle testing to determine what my body needs and what supplements are best for me, and supplements that help my digestion and overall health and different aspects of it depending on the supplement. They are efficient, extremely personable, conversational, sweet and kind and relational to help you and know you the best, explain everything thoroughly and patiently, recommend everything based on what they see is best for you, and truly look out for your health the entire time you are their client. They go above and beyond and treat you like a friend or family. I truly love everyone who has helped me here and they have impacted my life and changed my health for the better.

Kamaria L.

I was having some discomfort in my lower back and some nerve pain so decided to see Dr Bacon as he came highly recommended. When I met with Dr. Bacon, I was impressed by his tenacious attitude and desire to improve the quality of life for the people that he was taking care of. It was a great experience with positive outcomes. I had increased range of motion and reduced pain after my first visit. I appreciate his systematic full body approach to solving problems, not just blinded by focusing on the acute issues that you present with your first visit.

Michael K.

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