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Your First Visit

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During your initial visit to our office, we are thrilled to welcome you to the world of chiropractic care. Our friendly office manager, Traci, will warmly greet you with a smile. You will then be asked to complete some forms, providing us with valuable information about yourself and your current condition.

Next, either Dr. Bob Bacon or Dr. Sarah Wilkie will sit down with you to have a comprehensive discussion about your situation. They will inquire about specific details regarding your condition to determine if chiropractic care can offer you benefits. Rest assured that nothing will be done in our office without your full consent.

Our priority is to ensure your comfort and understanding throughout the process, and we will always be transparent in explaining how chiropractic care can help you. You are in control of your care journey, and we are here to support you every step of the way. We look forward to guiding you towards improved health and well-being through chiropractic care.

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Following a comprehensive consultation with the Doctor, you will undergo a thorough Chiropractic examination. This comprehensive assessment encompasses various aspects, including your range of motion, ability to turn and bend, as well as standard orthopedic, neurological, postural, and physical examinations. Through these examinations, the Doctor gains valuable insights into your condition, enabling a better understanding of how Chiropractic care can specifically benefit you.

By meticulously examining these crucial aspects, we ensure that your treatment plan is tailored to address your unique needs and provide the most effective and personalized care possible. Our commitment is to empower you on your journey to improved health and well-being through chiropractic solutions that precisely target and address your individual concerns.

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The majority of our patients experience positive results right from their very first adjustment. Our approach includes a unique and gentle global functional assessment that is well-suited for all age groups, including children who often find our care to be enjoyable. Moreover, this approach proves highly effective in restoring function and mobility for athletes and seniors alike.

Before and after each treatment, Dr. Bacon and Dr. Wilkie will thoroughly evaluate the function of your spine and extremities. This comprehensive evaluation ensures that each adjustment is precisely tailored to your individual needs, yielding remarkable results with each session. As you progress through your care, you'll notice significant improvements in your well-being after every adjustment.

Our aim is to create an environment where you eagerly anticipate each visit to our clinic. By providing top-notch chiropractic care, we strive to enhance your overall health and quality of life, making your journey towards optimal well-being a rewarding and satisfying experience.

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