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Cancer Prevention: Avoiding Toxins

By Claire Bacon, ACN, CNC

As we enter a new month full of cooler temperatures, football, and pumpkin spice, you may also be planning activities around Breast Cancer Awareness. Yet, did you know that October is also National Liver Awareness Month? It’s also National Chiropractic Health Month, Eat Better, Eat Together Month, Emotional Wellness Month, Positive Attitude Month, National Apple Month, and many others.

How cool is it, that all of these different observances are also related to cancer prevention? It’s a shame we don’t hear more in the media about true cancer prevention. Avoiding toxins is a major way you can reduce your cancer risk, in general. Because cancer has touched so many people’s lives, we are dedicating the month of October to Holistic Strategies for Cancer Prevention.

Avoiding Toxins:

Avoiding toxicity in our daily lives should be a natural first step in getting healthy. Unfortunately, toxins are in just about everything we eat, drink, and even breathe. Toxins include things we put on our skin, how we clean our clothes, wash our hair, and how we clean our homes. In other words, they are everywhere. It is truly overwhelming to think about all the chemicals in our home and work environments. 

What’s even worse, is the prevalence of “green-washing.” Green-washing is the way companies dishonestly market their products to well-meaning consumers. They use green labels and pretty nature scenes that make you think their product is healthy and safe. But surprisingly, if you look to the back label, you’ll find the ingredients. There, you will see parabens, fragrance, and synthetic preservatives. In our opinion, well-meaning consumers are frequently betrayed by slick marketing. As a result, this causes a detrimental impact to the health of our families and our nation as a whole.

Why Should We Avoid Toxins?

Toxic ingredients are linked to cancer in many ways. They bio-accumulate in our fat cells, interfere with normal hormone production, and dysregulate the immune system. In other words, toxins get inside our bodies and cause havoc with all processes. Surprisingly, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not prevent most harmful ingredients from being added to our personal care products. Loopholes and technicalities allow manufacturers to protect their trade secrets, which often contain nasty chemicals.

If you struggle with headaches, weight gain, acne, or an autoimmune condition, you better start looking to ways of reducing your toxic burden. Environmental toxins can act as endocrine disruptors, cause cancer, and can develop chronic illnesses. Shockingly, they are also linked to an increased prevalence of Autism, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological disorders. How can you expect to detox the gunk if it’s always coming right back in? It is so important to understand what we are putting on, in, and around our bodies…

Swapping Out Toxic Ingredients:

Naturally, once you learn how to identify problems in your products, next you’ll want to find a replacement. Luckily, this can be an easy process. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expensive. And, it doesn’t need to happen all at once. We recommend replacing your products as they run out with new ones. Take your time. Eventually, you’ll be closer to eliminating the toxic elements in your home one-by-one.

Potential Cancer-Causing ToxinCommonly found in ProductsHealthy Non-Toxic Alternatives
PhthalatesAny product containing fragrance (parfum)DIY Essential oil blends diffused or used topically. 
ParabensBody lotions, creams, and moisturizersJojoba or apricot oil. Try Beauty Counter Hydrating Body Lotion (Shop here).
AluminumAntiperspirantNon-toxic deodorant containing charcoal, baking soda, or diatomaceous earth. Try Real Purity, Piper Wai, or Primal Pit Paste. Watch out for propylene glycol and fragrance in some brands. Don’t use baking soda on shaved skin.
Sodium Laurel SulfateToothpaste, most foaming soaps, and bubble bathDental Herb Company or Doterra Onguard toothpaste (available in our office). Use Epsom salts (fragrance-free) in the bath.
Cocamide DEAShampoos and ConditionersPure Haven Essentials (Shop here) or Jason brand shampoo & conditioner
TalcBaby powderNon-GMO corn starch with arrowroot powder, such as in Pure Haven’s baby powder
Synthetic Fragrance / Unknown ChemicalsDryer sheets and fabric softenerUse a wool dryer ball with your choice of essential oil
MethylisothiazolizoneDish soap, hand soap, and surface cleanerPure Haven Essentials dish soap, Doterra Onguard foaming hand soap, Young Living Thieves surface cleaner concentrate, DIY blend of white vinegar, water, and lemon essential oil

If you’re uncertain, be sure to ask Dr. Bacon or our team if you need other suggestions. We can help with all of your personal care and cleaning products!

ChelaCo and Cruciferous Complete promote detoxification.

Helpful Supplements:

Did you know, doing a detoxification cleanse is just like changing the oil filter of your car? In our opinion, everyone should do some form of detoxification cleanse once a year, or more. Following are two of our favorites to clear toxins from the body:

1. ChelaCo contains Hawthorn, Milk Thistle, and Garlic to provide general detoxification support. With natural compounds, this combination is especially good for latching onto heavy metals.

2. Cruciferous Complete™ supports cellular health and healthy liver function. Sulfur compounds from Kale and Brussels sprouts promote Phase I and II detox pathways.

Now Go Get Started!

We hope this gives you a great fresh perspective. Now, you have more easy ways to detoxify your cosmetics bag and cleaning cabinets. Remember, these little things add up. Before you know it, you’ll have made a profound effect on improving your health!

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