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Health Benefits of Pumpkin

Did you know that pumpkin is actually a fruit?  Yes, it’s true! Although many people think it’s a vegetable, pumpkins come from the flower of a plant, making them technically a fruit!

What’s more important, though, is this fruit is packed with fiber, vitamins, & minerals that have tons of nutritional benefits! 

Health benefits of pumpkin include:

  • 1. Pumpkin is particularly high in vitamins A & C.  Just one serving of pumpkin contains about 245% of your RDA of vitamin A! It’s high in beta carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A.
  • 2. It supports the immune system. Vitamin A supports the body’s natural defenses, helping the immune system fight infections. An easy way to get more Vitamin A in your diet is by taking Cataplex AC all winter. It’s sourced from food, so gives all the same benefits!
  • 3. It helps keep your vision sharp. The vitamins and minerals in pumpkin, including vitamins A, C, & E, help your eyes absorb light and protect them from aging.
  • 4. Pumpkin promotes healthy skin. We know healthy skin starts on the inside. The antioxidant properties of the A, E, and E in pumpkin actually support skin health on the cellular level.
  • 5. It supports your heart. Like most fruits, pumpkin contains a healthy dose of fiber. Fiber helps the body mainly by removing excess cholesterol from the body.

These are all benefits you get from eating the soft flesh. 

But we can’t forget about pumpkin seeds!  Snacking on the seeds is easier and may even be more beneficial! 

Health benefits of pumpkin seeds:

  • 1. Pumpkin seeds support hormone balance.  They are a great source of magnesium, zinc, & essential fatty acids, all of which promote hormone health. These nutrients support healthy progesterone levels, improve estrogen detoxification pathways, and can balance blood sugar by supporting healthy insulin.
  • 2. The seeds are a great source of fiber. Most of us don’t eat enough fiber! It’s essential for having regular bowel movements, balancing blood sugar, and so much more. Snacking on the seeds is an easy & delicious way to get the fiber you need. 

Now that you understand the health benefits, let’s brainstorm how to use your leftover Halloween pumpkins to get the maximum health benefit!

What to Do with Pumpkins After Halloween?

Whether you carve your pumpkins or not, odds are you have one hanging around the house after the holiday is over. You have a few options for what you can do with them post trick-or-treating…

Roast the seeds

After carving, don’t throw away the seeds! They’re perfectly suitable to roast, even if it’s been sitting outside. 

First, use a spoon to scoop out the stringy parts & seeds. Do your best to separate them and give them a good rinse in a bowl of water. 

Once they’re clean, toss them in some olive oil and sea salt. Spread the seeds on a baking sheet and roast them at 350 degrees for about 20-25 minutes. Be sure to add some Celtic Sea Salt or other seasonings like garlic and cumin to make them extra delicious!

Make pumpkin bread

If your whole pumpkin was sitting inside and still looks good, you can scoop out the flesh to make pumpkin bread! 

With a few pats of grass-fed butter, your baked bread can be part of a healthy breakfast or mid-morning snack. 

First, you’ll want to make pumpkin puree. Once that’s done, here’s a healthy pumpkin bread recipe to try! 

Make pumpkin soup

Again, if the flesh is intact, pumpkin soup is a delicious fall dish and easy to make! Try this simple recipe, which calls for fresh pumpkin.

Chop up cubes to use in smoothies.

If you’ve never tried pumpkin in your smoothies, you’re missing out! It tastes like fall in a cup. You can chop the flesh into cubes, which you can keep in the freezer. Then throw a cube into a smoothie for a punch of flavor and fiber. 

This delicious recipe shows you how to use canned pumpkin in your smoothies.  And of course, this time of year you’ll want to try your hand at making a Pumpkin Spice Latte, too! Use coconut milk if you’re sensitive to dairy.

Compost or feed them to the deer

If your pumpkin has been sitting outside, the flesh may not appear in good enough shape to eat. But it doesn’t have to go to waste!

You can add it to your garden compost or throw it into the woods for the deer to eat. If you’re not going to benefit from those tasty nutrients, someone should! 

Keep Enjoying Healthy Snacks After Halloween!

If you’re dreading being around all the leftover candy, get rid of it! Focus on using your pumpkins to power-up your health! 

Keep the puree on hand to top your homemade chia pudding!

They are so FULL of nutrients, it’s a shame they aren’t available year-round. So take advantage of them while you can! Freeze some, cook with some, and enjoy those roasted pumpkin seeds for the rest of the winter.

Your body will thank you for it! 😉

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