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Improving Libido & Circulation

For men who want to make improvements in this area, there many things you can do.  Start out by evaluating your current stress level, depth of relationship, and lifestyle habits like eating, sleeping and exercising. Whether positive or negative, all these activities can impact your libido. Thankfully, you can make improvements in these areas by:

Getting to the root of the problem

For such an intimate and complex issue, there is no one right answer, or no single silver bullet.  We need to consider that sometimes the mental desire is there, yet there may be a challenge in the physical body not responding.  Other times, it seems the desire is just not there in the first place.  These are two separate scenarios, both of which require different approaches.  Not only that, but you’ve got to consider, what are the factors getting in the way? And what things can you add in to make it better?

For this article, we’ll focus on supporting the physical response, assuming that the interest and intimacy in the relationship is there. With our experience, we have found that certain supplements can help boost your libido and increase your circulation. From our office, three of our favorites form the basis for supporting healthy hormones:

  • Hypothalmex – it’s an extract from the master endocrine gland in the brain, which releases hormones to the downstream glands.
  • Orchex – It’s a testicular glandular extract combined with relaxing B vitamins sourced from liver powder. This product supports the nervous system, circulation and normal hormone conversion and testosterone production.
  • Rhodiola & Ginseng – Contains two adaptogenic herbs that naturally support the stress response and adrenal gland function.

We know supplements can get confusing…
so watch Dr. Bacon with Chris Goodson from Standard Process, to help simplify them for you!

Help Improve Your Libido and Circulation

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Now let’s move on to other things you can do with your diet…

Nutrition for Libido

Most people have no idea how much nutrition can actually impact their sex drive. It’s time we start noticing the positive (and negative) effects of our food choices. We need to start being more intentional with our dietary habits.

First, we want to avoid the inflammatory foods that disrupt testosterone, increase insulin, and put on excess pounds. Who can guess what those would be? Sugar, wheat, dairy and alcohol – never did anyone any favors in the hormonal or weight departments. Did you know, a grain and sugar-filled diet causes major spikes and crashes in blood glucose. This causes a lot of stress in the hormonal system. If your hormones are consistently shifted into producing pregnenolone, cortisol, and insulin, there won’t be much left for your testosterone. Furthermore, the natural hormones that exist in conventional dairy milk tend to have an estrogenic effect on males. That’s not what we’re looking for. And alcohol just messes up the entire system. Alcohol can disrupt testosterone production by interfering with functions of the hypothalamus, pituitary, and testes. This especially happens in mid-life, when the effects of poor lifestyle choices start showing up.

Second, we want to include nutrient-dense foods that form the basis for our hormonal strength: essential fatty acids, dietary proteins and cholesterol, and amino acids. Maca is one of the most well-known foods that can enhance hormonal output and sex drive. We love adding a teaspoon or two to a smoothie! You could also try having more wild-caught salmon, or oysters a little more often. Don’t be afraid of dietary fats! They are so nourishing to the hormonal system. A few more favorites might include: eggs, avocado, figs, and bananas.

Herbs for Libido

To make things more exciting, let’s supplement the important warming and circulatory herbs that wouldn’t ordinarily be on our plate. Although much of the available research has been done on rats, these herbs are all generally regarded as safe and should not be harmful to try, if used appropriately. In Ayurveda, many herbs like cayenne, hawthorn, and green tea are revered for their circulation-enhancing properties. But even common herbs, like cardamom, nutmeg and basil, which are probably in your pantry, can also spice up your love life. Ginkgo biloba is one of the best studied herbs that enhances oxygenation and circulation to the brain and extremities. Also, Cordyceps is an adaptogenic mushroom with stress-reducing, immune-enhancing, and aphrodisiac qualities. Not to mention, most males could also benefit from a basic zinc supplement.

The Impact of Drugs

Lastly, we need to make sure to avoid the prescription drugs that can interrupt sexual function. Common culprits would be cholesterol-lowering drugs, SSRI anti-depressants, and blood pressure meds. You need to have enough cholesterol to create the testosterone in the first place. If your cholesterol is too low, you basically don’t have a chance. Although there is an appropriate time and place for anti-depressants, for the long term you’ll generally want to address the issues in a more natural way. Fortunately, Maca root has been shown to help counteract the libido-lowering effects of SSRIs. As far as blood pressure, we suggest that there is always a root cause to a chronic health issue like this. Whether it be food sensitivities, chronic stress, or infection, with a little work, you can uncover the reason why your body is acting this way. This could possibly reduce the need for your medication.

Healthy fats like avocado plus warming herbs can boost your libido!

Bottom Line…

Don’t settle for a low libido. Start making healthy changes now to your surroundings and everyday routine. You’re bound to see the positive effects you’re looking for!

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