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"We provide motivated individuals the nutritional tools and chiropractic services to overcome their health challenges and achieve an optimal state of health"

How can we help you?

We will review all available information, or we will order new testing to fill any gaps. If you have done recent bloodwork, saliva testing, urine testing or hair analysis, we will interpret the results in light of your health history. Based on your feedback, we will recommend general dietary guidelines and supplements to help you achieve your personal health goals.

When can you expect results?

The short answer is "it depends". Typically, digestive issues resolve fairly quickly, whereas hormonal issues or immune dysregulation can take more time. We encourage our clients to plan for a 3-to-6 month period of coaching and supplementation before transitioning to a "maintenance" protocol. For this reason, we need to have open communication about what is affordable and realistic for you to continue month-to-month.

When can I go back to eating normally?

If your goal is to improve your health and achieve longevity, then your new style of eating will last you a lifetime. Although your supplementation may change over time, every body benefits from whole food nutrition. When life gets in the way of eating right, having appropriate supplements can make all the difference in your health. Great health is worth a little effort! Especially when we can make it so easy for you!

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Functional Testing

The nutritional protocols recommended by our staff seek to address the causes of chronic health problems, which we find are most commonly due to nutrient deficiencies, toxicity from heavy metals and chemical endocrine disruptors, and weakened glandular messaging.  The functional testing we have available gives us valuable insight into the nutritional needs of the body. All laboratory tests shall be pre-paid upon ordering from

Girl in backyard look at fence

Hair Mineral Analysis and Interpretation

Supplementing with key food factors and increasing nutrient absorption can help many children who cannot think clearly, are not developing and reaching appropriate ...

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Hormone Testing tubes

Hormone Testing (Saliva) and Interpretation

Saliva testing measures free, unbound hormone levels, which is often much more useful than blood testing for determining the hormonal needs of the body. The ...

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Illustration of Thyroid Inflammation

Functional Thyroid/Inflammation Panel and Interpretation

This is a well-rounded test panel that gives valuable information about various functions of the body’s hormonal and digestive systems. The panel includes: CBC ...

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Food Sensitivities – LRA by ELISA/ACT (Enhanced Basic)

This test can help identify 134 common foods, plus chemicals, preservatives and molds, that could be overburdening your immune system, and preventing it from ...

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