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Armpit Detox: Why and How

I know many of you are probably thinking… “Really? Another detox?” I get it! From digital …

Armpit Detox: Why and How Read More »

Beyond Biotin – Stronger Nails

The beauty industry is full of suggestions to change every aspect of your appearance – how your …

Beyond Biotin – Stronger Nails Read More »

Is Your Hair Dye Putting You at Risk?

Researchers have been suspicious about the adverse health impacts of hair dye for many years, …

Is Your Hair Dye Putting You at Risk? Read More »

Female Hormone Hacks

Let’s face it. Being a girl isn’t always easy. Especially when it comes to that …

Female Hormone Hacks Read More »

LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy is receiving loads of attention these days.  Retailers are now promoting travel-sized …

LED Light Therapy Read More »


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