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Steak and Mango Salad

Ingredients 4 sirloin steaks 4 cups mixed greens 2 large mangos, peeled and cut into thin wedges 1/3 cup cashew nuts, roasted, coarsely chopped ¼  cup chopped fresh cilantro ¼ ...

Mango and Strawberry Sorbet

Ingredients 4 cups frozen mango 4 cups frozen strawberries, chopped ½ to 1 cup water 2-3 Tbsp. honey, to taste   Instructions 1.    Combine the frozen mango and strawberries in the ...

Arugula, Mint, Radish & Mango Salad

Ingredients 1/2 lime, zested and juiced 2 T champagne or white wine vinegar 1 T honey 3 T olive oil Salt and pepper, to taste 1 mango, peeled and sliced ...


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